Four Levels Of Care

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Ventura County Hospice offers four broad types, or levels, of care as defined by the Medicare hospice benefit:

#1. Routine Home Care

This is how we provide hospice care most often: in patients’ homes, long-term care facilities and nursing homes

#2. Continuous Care (Intensive Comfort Care®)

When medically necessary, acute symptom management is provided at home or in another facility by hospice staff in shifts of up to 24 hours/day so the patient can avoid hospitalization.

#3. Inpatient Care

If a patient’s needs cannot be managed at home, local contracted nursing home facilities provide hospice care around the clock until the patient can return home.

#4. Respite Care

Limited to up to five consecutive days, respite care provides a brief “respite” for the patient’s primary caregiver by admitting the home care patient to an institutional setting without meeting the “inpatient” pain and symptom management criteria.

End Of Life Care


Discover Your Options

If you were unable to speak for yourself, do your loved ones know what kind of medical care you would want? Do you know what they would want?

Having a conversation about end-of-life care and advanced directives may not be the easiest conversation you’ll ever have, but it is one of the most important.

Having the Conversation

Although studies show that 90 percent of us believe it’s important to talk about end-of-life care, only 27 percent of us actually do so.